Fierce Battle For 13-Year-Old Justin Degryse’s Talent On The Voice Kids Belgium


In the hidden corners of Belgium, Justin Degryse, a teenager with a secret passion for singing, found solace within the confines of his bedroom. The prospect of stepping onto a stage and performing in front of others seemed like an impossible feat, shrouded in embarrassment and apprehension.

However, Justin’s mother saw her son’s musical potential through a different lens. Recognizing the raw talent simmering within him, she was determined to share his gift with the world. «Sometimes I catch him singing in his room,» she revealed. «He’s too afraid to let others hear him.»

With unwavering belief in her son’s abilities, she took a bold step in 2020 that would alter the course of Justin’s journey. Enrolling him in The Voice Kids, a beloved television show in Belgium since its inception in 2014, she paved the way for Justin to showcase his talent on a grand stage. For his audition, Justin chose to perform «Lovely» by Billie Eilish, a song that resonated deeply with him on a personal level. «I think the song is about embarrassment,» he shared. «I can relate sometimes.»

Stepping onto the stage for the Blind Audition, Justin faced a daunting challenge unlike any he had encountered before. Not only was he making his public debut as a performer, but he was also doing so in front of esteemed judges and a vast audience spanning across Belgium. For a shy 13-year-old grappling with nerves, this was an immense undertaking.

Yet, as Justin began to sing, a newfound confidence radiated from his every note, momentarily eclipsing his inner turmoil. With each captivating verse, he captivated the judges’ attention, until one by one, they turned their chairs in approval, affirming Justin’s undeniable talent and paving the way for his remarkable journey ahead.

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