Street Musician Plays Guitar But It’s This Tiny Dancer Who Goes Viral Instantly


We’ve posted a number of articles before about how great it is for humans to dance. It helps both physically and mentally–it’s a winner all around. For some of us, if we hear the right music, we’ve gotta dance without caring if anyone is watching. Cause that’s when we have the most fun. And, this little angel does exactly the same. The passersby couldn’t help but stop and watch the joy in her every move.

Borja Catanesi, a street musician from Valencia, was having a typical day with his guitar. But, when this little girl showed up, his performance took a quick and lively turn. The girl started showing off her moves as he played a viral song, “Despacito,” a Spanish-language reggaeton song that was released by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee in January 2017.

And this little session was every street performer’s dream. Borja stated: “She stayed dancing for 30 min! I love playing for those who enjoy it.” And she certainly enjoyed it. Catching his every beat, she gave her all in.

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