Ironworker Paul Harvey’s mesmerizing music has gone viral. He plays several woodwind instruments, but his favorite is the Native American Flute, which he carries most days.

The filming sites distinguish Paul’s videos. These include abandoned buildings, construction sites, and places with ‘natural acoustics’. Harvey noticed this natural acoustic while whistling at work and grabbed his smartphone and flute to record the first of many videos of him playing with his hard helmet.


Home is behind (vocal and flute) LOTR


Paul Harvey, a former youth pastor and ironworker, has two children and commutes to Minneapolis. He bought his first flute seven years ago and became a self-taught musician, learning music by ear. Harvey’s unique talent is despite his ear condition, which he initially suffered from at age five.


Narnia lullaby (cover by Paul Harvey Flute Guy)short


Harvey, a Lord of the Rings fan, has gained popularity with his Star Wars and Braveheart music videos. He plans to record his first album with Grammy nominee Peter Phippen and has a Patreon donation page.


Concrete Peace (Work)